Plug in can result in rendering the form of a cartoon format with specific horizontal lines show the image on the color rendering, as well as a plugin in the final rendering of the final cebas toon that can produce images on a dimensional cardboard.
Illustrate Plugin version 5.3 can be used to max ver 6-7 above is the plugin version does not work

The install file is quite easy, just follow the directions on the setup file, place the plugin files in the folder 3dsmax.
Run 3dsmax, if the installation process goes well then in 3dsmax screen will appear as follows,

 3. Continue with the next box, this setting in the dialog box users were asked if background rendering using the map on the environment or custom black / white, or use a color environment. we select a custom color to white,
  4. Continue with the next box, the dialog box this setting we are given the option to render models illustrate, click the box it will show a cartoon image dialog box options in the render scene,1. HIDDEN LINE, rendering the results of the outer contour lines on the object.2. Outline, rendering the results of contour lines outside the object.3. WIRERAME, the rendering of the object contour lines.4. FLAT, rendering the results of two dimensional shapes in color on the object.5. CARTOON, results in a color rendering of three dimensional shapes with a shadow on the object.6. CELL, the result is almost the same as the cartoon rendering only visible color stripes on bidanfg color.7. COMIC, rendering the results of a three dimensional color with the shadow of the object and the light comes on the object,
 5. Continue with the next box, then a dialog box asking where we will store the results file rendering.
 6. Continue to the NEXT box, and click finish on the box. is completed.
7. At the finish box we click it will show a dialog box like the following, close the file,

You can start this plugin now, like a few examples of rendering the results below ,.... safe working.


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