lighting arrangement on a model in view of view a rendering of a very vital this is supported by the texture of paint and paint a picture HDRI for reflection, because the readiness of these scenes can be said to be showing a real scene view.
Therefore this tutorial will explain a little about it, which is based on the material then this tutorial is divided into several sections,
Lighting is a very critical component in the rendering because it can make or break of a scene that is made, there are several ways to light a scene, this time in the discussion simple default method of lighting, other lighting such as skylights , GI style is a powerful technique for make a scene lighting techniques are.
The scene in this technique shows a model with a simple gray textures (specular level 40, glossiness 50) while the base has a dark gray.
Create a model with perspective perspective with the basic plane. With three lamps. (sky lights, spot area and the omni light), make the distance such that each finite lighting is not too close to the object.

This is the standard default Max scene lighting, no shadows on the object to produce a shadow on the field.

This scene has a single lighting with light intensity of 1.0 was placed on the left object, a scene that looks realistic but light setup on the field very hard object.

Two active lighting gives efeck strong light in the field of objects visible on the surface of the object because it has a mr area omni o, 7 light intensity.

Lighting spot areas have a light area, for that we turn on the light area on the check box to the type area of ​​the disc.

by turning on the light area in the shadow object mapping clearly visible and has it's own shadow blur area (distant spread of light rays) due to the ability of these lights to illuminate an object using the region where light is emitted, so instead of using the light refracted at the point of a single source.
efeck from the use of the area is the creation of light on the shadow that falls on the object that is soft shadows, it can be said is more accurate to shadow mapping. to create real-life physics.

now switch the shadow parameters at each lighting, seen that the shadows become more refined, a larger area emits light with shadow areas more visible soft.

6. Skylight AND FINAL Gather
The use of skylights with finalgather the scene really powerful features in mentalray emit light due to refracted at a scene area because the light generated by the global light energy originating at a point of light.
To do this turn off all light, like light spot area and omni. then select the skylights in the parameters panel and turn on the light. let your light intensity setting at the default value.
In the mental ray rendering scene illumination turn on final gather inderect (Check click on the box enable final gather basic).

Seen in the view rendering, the light emitted and refracted in the field of global uneven but very fine resolution of the shadow like floating on the field and the absence of light falling on the field, to overcome this there are several techniques. light parameters check box to select the gradient ramp map.
From the use of the gradient map on skylights visible differences are very striking about the shadow object field,
2.arch material ground mat on the object with ambient occlusion turn on special effects.
3. specular highlights
add specular to reactivate large MR and MR area omni spot lights, switch on mr area spot to continue with modifications for advanced efeck panel and remove the diffuse, this applies also to the omni light, because by disabling diffuse skylight  balancing force on the object and blend of light to the MR.

In conclusion, lighting technique is based on balancing , made ​​light intensity (provided) on the object and efeck settings on each lamp used and the settings for rendering based on adjustments to the usage of the light used.

A basic setup using the setup rendering default render settings only directed at the use logarithmic exposure, it is important to control the level of extreme light and dark of one or more light shining on the field, setting the log can be found on the rendering - environment - panel rendering.

This is the arrangement that we make to be able to adjust a little difference in the shadow of the object.
The use of color in materials using green color.